ASBM Program Requirements Change January 1, 2022

Posted by Encore Infusion Site Administrator


Beginning January 1, 2022, specialty medications must be sourced through preferred specialty pharmacies. If your practice does not yet have a plan to meet the new ASBM Program requirements, at Encore Infusion we can help.

All Encore Infusion centers are on the Preferred Specialty Pharmacy List for provider-administered specialty medications. We can help with the transition of your practice to the new requirements by providing a number of flexible options to keep you in control of the care of your patients, including:

• White bag prescriptions delivered to your office for your administration

• Administration by Encore Infusion in one of our comfortable infusion centers

• In-home administration by a professional Encore Infusion technician

At Encore Infusion, we have not only 30+ years of experience providing professional infusion therapy services, but we are well equipped at navigating the requirements, processes, paperwork and more that physicians face when prescribing outsourced infusion and injection therapies. We are here to help shoulder the administrative burden placed on the staff of your practice. Please call. We want to help.