Welcome to Your Home for Infusion Services

Our team is comprised of pharmacists, technicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and administrative professionals. We are equipped to facilitate physician referrals, insurance matters, billing and more with fast and clear communication and expertise.

We stock many of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics, hydration formulas and pain management IV medications, all stored in a sterile environment containing purified air under humidity- and temperature-controlled conditions. We have access to the top pharmaceutical suppliers for immediate dispense of specialty infusion medications. Our sister company, Heartland Infusion, is a specialty pharmacy with capability to obtain any drug therapy that your physician prescribes.

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Need a little privacy? At Encore Infusion, we provide private treatment room options as well as open seating for some time away from it all.


You’ll find our furnishings plush, comfortable and even easy on the eyes. Kick your feet up, doze off with a pillow if you like. Just like home.


At Encore Infusion, our locations are equipped with highspeed WiFi for your online work and entertainment. We also provide televisions and reading materials.

All are welcome

Everyone’s situation is different and at Encore Infusion, we’ve got yours covered. We provide accommodations for accompanying children and adults.

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Every Encore Infusion location provides limited snacks and drinks in-house, and is located in proximal location to restaurants and retail stores.


Need a ride to and from? Ask Encore Infusion if we can accommodate your appointment. We strive to meet your every need.

Concierge Services

If it’s not immediately available during your session, just ask. We will do our best to accommodate you, from dietary requirements to any other specific need you may have.

In-home Infusion

Do you need Encore Infusion to come to you? Many of our infusion centers offer this service. Please inquire at your closest location.

All the features, accommodations and creature comforts of home

While the details of your particular care are unique to you, most patients have in common that infusion therapy takes time, sometimes as long as three hours or more. At Encore Infusion, we provide a full array of features and comforts to fill your time with virtually anything that you can do at home. From work-related productivity to passing the time with online entertainment, we strive to make your time spent here just like you’d spend it in your favorite room of your home.

The Encore Infusion Difference

  • Private treatment rooms or open seating—your choice
  • Easy parking and entry
  • WiFi, television and reading materials
  • Accommodations for accompanying children and adults
  • Proximal location to restaurants and retail
  • Transportation and weekend services
  • Concierge services, snacks, drinks and more