Referring Providers

Why Physicians Prefer Encore Infusion

As a physician you want to make sure your patients get the best follow-up care after they leave your office. We strive to be an extension of YOUR practice. We understand that your patients trust you and we will act in a way that solidifies that trust in everything we do. We do this using these five principles:

  • Communication. We will send you a record of the infusion the same day of the infusion. We will call you if there are any notable changes in how your patient is handling the therapy.
  • Part of the Team. We will gladly visit your office and sit with you to learn how you want us to work with your clinical team.
  • Expertise and knowledge. We believe we need to be experts in the disease states we treat. Each member of our clinical team is on a structured continuing medical education and certification plan.
  • Direct access to our leadership team. We will provide you with a direct line to speak with our clinic team or pharmacist.
  • We will take the responsibility of getting the prior authorization required by some insurances.

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Physician Medication Forms

How to Refer a Patient

To refer a patient, please fax us the following forms to (865) 862-4556:

  • Fax us an Order
  • Print an Order Card for Your Patient
  • Use our Medication Forms

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