Outpatient Infusion Therapies for Wellness

At Encore Infusion, we stock medications, supplements and other pharmaceutical formulations for specific and general health and wellness. All our health and wellness infusion formulations are available without a prescription, although many are prescribed and recommended by physicians. Encore Infusion pharmacists are happy to make recommendations.

Chemo Recovery
Contains antioxidants to offset the free radical damage occurring with both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Combats side effects, boosts energy and supports cellular growth.
2ML Alpha Lipoic Acid/1ML Folic Acid/3ML Glutathione/1ML B‐Complex
Healthy Gut Cocktail
Detoxifies your liver, boosts immunity, helps with digestion and reduces inflammation—the four cornerstones to a healthy gut.
3ML Vit C/1ML Amino Blends/1ML Multitrace‐5/2ML Glutathione
Metabolic Boost, Weight Management
A cocktail containing coenzymes designed to aid the liver in processing fat breakdown. Speeds up metabolic rate and aids in weight reduction.
1ML B‐Complex/1ML B12/1ML MIC/1ML Carnitine
Libido Cocktail
Boosts the libido and enhances intimacy; helps increase endurance and overall blood flow.
3ML Vit C/1ML Carnitine/1ML Arginine/1ML B‐Complex/1Ml B12/2ML Taurine
Athletic Boost
Increases energy and endurance. Improves athletic performance and muscle recovery for weekend warriors to elite athletes.
2ML VIT C/1ML Carnitine/1ML B12/1ML B‐ Complex/3ML Glutathione/2ML Mg
Beauty Drip Cocktail
Replenishes, revitalizes and restores your body at the cellular level with essential vitamins and minerals directly linked to the health and appearance of your skin.
1ML Alpha Lipoic Acid/2ML Vit C/4ML Glutathione/1ML B‐Complex/1ML Carnitine/2ML Mg/2ML
Pepcid/1ML Multitrace
NAD Therapy
Increased energy, less brain fog, clearer skin, thicker nails and hair and generally feeling and looking younger.
NAD/Amino Blends/Myer’s Cocktail (250MG‐Antiaging/500MG‐750MGNeurodegenerative/1000MG
Addiction Treatment)
Cold and Flu Cocktail
Alleviates cold and flu symptoms and lessens the duration and severity while boosting your immunity and restoring your body.
3ML Vit C/2ML Mg/1ML Multitrace‐5/3ML Glutathione/1ML B‐Complex
Immunity Cocktail
Helps boost the immune system, expedites healing, fuels the body and helps supports health and wellness.
3ML Vit C/1ML B‐Complex/1ML B12/1ML Multitrace‐5/2ML Glutathione/2ML Mg
Relaxation Cocktail
This therapy helps with anxiety and depression by rebalancing your body and mind, addressing restlessness and improving sleep.
1ML B‐Complex/1ML B12/1.5ML Mg/1ML Taurine/1ML Theanine/1ML L‐Lysine/1.5 Vit C
Brain Boost Formula
Supports cognitive health by improving mood, mental clarity and focus; increases energy and endurance; reduces impact of stress.
1ML B‐Complex/1ML B12/3ML Vit C/1ML Taurine/1ML L‐Glycine/1ML Mg/3ML Glutathione
High-Dose Vitamin C
Strengthens the body’s natural defense; protects against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and free radicals; boosts antioxidant levels; reduces blood pressure; reduces risk of heart disease; protects against gout attacks; improves iron absorption; reduces risk of dementia.
Vit C (2,000MG Max Without Script)
Myer’s Cocktail
The Myer's Cocktail is an infused medication created to improve overall health and wellbeing. Key ingredients can enhance energy, fitness, fat loss, toxin clearance and libido.
5ML Vit C/5ML Mg/3ML Calcium Gluconate/B12/1ML B‐Complex/.5ML B12
Ultimate Recovery Formula
Supports fast recovery from consumption of alcohol; Improves hydration for a noticeable recovery.
1ML(B1) Thiamine/1ML B12/1ML Mg/1ML Folic Acid(B9)

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At Encore Infusion, we can provide IV therapies for a wide array of conditions and illnesses. Please inquire about your particular needs.

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